50 Million signatures for a “Global Constitutional Approval Referendum”


Secretary General United Nations

His proposal “First Universal Constitution” is addressed to the General Secretariat of the United Nations (UN) in order that the heads of government of the whole world, meeting in General Assembly and responding to the call and the will of the citizens of the world, consider the need to convene and hold a “World Constitutional Referendum” under this proposal.

Constituent Assembly

In the run-up to the “World Constitutional Referendum” a “Constituent Assembly” will be established, composed of women and men from civil society, organizations close to the United Nations, citizens of the world selected and chosen according to the methods of selection and Specified here. 50% of the Constituent Assembly will be chosen by means of a contest call Competition – Oppositions and the other 50% by drawing lots among the citizens of the world.
This Constituent Assembly will select from among its members a group of specialized persons who will draft, in legal terms, this “Universal Constitution”, the final object of the “World Constitutional Referendum”. This Assembly will include, discuss and agree, by consensus, the major structural issues of humanity, based on the Principles of Subsidiarity in a Federal World.
In addition, the group of persons selected will include in its deliberations, discuss and agree on the protocols concerning the fair and equitable sharing of work, the unconditional and unconditional introduction of the Universal Consumption Card, And Minimum, Medium and Maximum Income and will specify and regulate ecological and environmental issues, such as the conversion of energy production and consumption by 99% in renewable energies. It will resolve, determine and fix, as a matter of urgency, the restoration, repair and restitution of damages caused to nature and the planet earth, recovering the ecological and environmental conditions prior to the beginning of the industrial revolution.
This Assembly will also provide institutional and constitutional grounds for major social and economic issues such as the production, distribution and maintenance of goods and services, public space, universality of education, health and protection and implementation, unconditional and universal, Of the fundamental rights and freedoms of the human being.
This Constituent Assembly will finally agree and fix the day and hour in which the Transformation will take place, peaceful and orderly, from the present world, to the New World as detailed in this writing.